One Year Older and Fatter Too

People. I turned 33 last week. Since I was born on March 3rd does that mean that it was my Double Golden Birthday? (I had never even heard of golden birthdays until last year. I called my sister Adrienne and asked her if she had ever heard about them and she said, "No, that sounds stupid." Maybe my mom never dared breath a word about them because she knew Adrienne harbored such strong, negative feelings.)

Anyhoo, my Double Golden Awesome Fantastical Birthday was chill and relaxed. A few friends surprised me with lunch and then another friend, who also happens to be my unofficial clutter coach, totally cleaned and organized my kitchen while I taught her kids piano lessons, and then we just had a little family dinner and went to bed. It was awesome.

The next night (because I can't let my birthday be just ONE day) we had some friends over for pizza and I made a "Giant Ding Dong Cake." 

Not kidding. 

Disclaimer: This was not the actual cake I made (which explains why the cake is wishing "Christopher" 
a happy birthday. So you can stop wondering who he is -- I have no idea who the heck 
Christopher is). Mine actually looked a hot mess because I didn't let it cool long enough before 
cutting it into layers to add the marshmallow-y goodness.

The funny thing is, it's not actually a Ding Dong at all. It looks and tastes way more like the Hostess cupcakes, hence the frosting curlicues. I think they just called it that because really, what sounds better -- Giant Cupcake Cake or Giant Ding Dong Cake? Kind of a no-brainer. 

And seriously, it was gooooooood. 

What's that you say? You don't like Hostess cupcakes?

Well fine ... you're dead to me!


{awkward silence continues}


However, if you ever decide to come back into the Hostess cupcake fold, here's where you can find the recipe:

Giant Ding Dong Cake (aka Fattening Heaven on a Plate)


Michelle said...

You are so funny Celia. I think the cake is hilarious, and had also never heard of a golden birthday. I'll have to wait until I'm 72 to have mine. sad. I'll probably be so old and crazy by then I would have forgotten what it is anyways. Happy Birthday!!!!!

Kim said...

Cels, you make me laugh! Glad you had a good one!

Two Ladies and No Baby said...

Sounds like your day was almost complete. If only you fools didn't live so far yonder. 33 is a great number. I'd say it was a Double Golden, for sure. Be checkin the mailbox here shortly little lady.

And in the words of your mother-in-law Sharon, hope you had a "bitchin" day!

Kate Cinda

ashley said...

cake was delicious. you heard it here first. its even south beach diet compatible. i heard.