Where Have I Been? (Part II)

I wish it was somewhere exciting.

But it wasn't.

Just here ...

Blogging, unfortunately, has taken a back seat to working for the man, getting frustrated at my kids when they interrupt me while working for the man, throwing back Diet Coke like it's water (isn't it better, though?) to stay awake until three in the a.m. so I can finish the projects blessed upon me by the man, and talking bizness over the phone 'til 12:30 in the a.m. with the man (aka my father-in-law) and hearing him spew his beloved Diet Coke (it runs in the family) everywhere because we're laughing so hard at the dumbest things because we're punchy due to the late hour.

See? Sometimes work can be fun.

(Except until you feel like you've got a hangover from you-know-where (not that I've ever had a hangover but I'd bet you $27 this felt worse than Lindsey Lohan's average Sunday morning "headache") and get your 7:30 a.m. whisper wake up call from a little voice at the side of your bed saying, "Mama?" At least the gracious child had the decency to whisper, right?)