A Happy Mother's Day to All and to All a Good Night

Mother's Day is coming to a close but it was a good one. Here's what went down:

1-Went to church and received three different gifts of chocolate.

2-Came home. Took a 1 1/2 hour nap. Awesome.

3-Woke up to the smell of dinner my husband prepared. Double Awesome.

4-Was serenaded by my kids singing "Happy Mother's Day" to the tune of "Happy Birthday." (The best part was Ruby kept singing "Birrrth Daaay" at the top of her lungs instead of "Mother's Day" and Abe sang a steady monotone note just to make sure he wasn't left out.) Triple Awesome.

I'm grateful for a great husband and these three little adorable scoundrels who made this day a reality for me...