Thank You. I'm Here All Week and Don't Forget to Tip Your Waitress!

I don't know what's gotten into Henry lately but he has become quite the comedian. Of course most of the time he doesn't know he's being funny but the effect is the same.

Here is just a short list of his latest one-liners:

  • When Ruby has a toy and Henry wants it I usually say something along the lines of, "No, she needs it. She's really sad," or "She's freaking out." So yesterday Ruby had a toy he wanted and I said, "No Henry, she needs it." After a few seconds pause he bursts out, "No! I'm fee-kin out!" [fee-kin, freakin, same diff]
  • Me: Henry, what letter does your name start with? Henry: Um....Saturday.
  • Last weekend in Utah he declared to me one morning, "Mama! There's a ficket in the duh-waaahhge!" [Translation: There's a cricket in the garage.]
  • Last night we were at a work picnic for Scott when the weather started to get a little feisty on us. Upon seeing the flashing bolts of lightning behind us, Henry screamed, "I see Lightning Muh-feen!" [As in Lightning McQueen from the movie Cars]

Case in Point, he walked around half the day yesterday with this hilarious Crystal Light mustache asking for more juice. I just couldn't bring myself to wipe his face off -- he looked too awesome. What would life be like if we were all as self-assured as children? Awesome. That's what it would be. Just awesome.


Another Trip to the Beehive State

I guess it's about time I update our little bloggety blog. We just got back from Utah after attending Seth Fraughton's funeral (see last post). Although it was one of the saddest things I've ever experienced, we were able to experience some really neat things with his family. After getting special permission from the First Presidency (of the church, of course), we were able to go to the Bountiful temple with Scott's parents, the Fraughtons, and quite a few other family members and friends to take Seth's endowments out. It was one of the most spiritual temple sessions I've ever been to. It was awesome. The viewing and funeral were also pretty incredible. At the funeral, the entire chapel, overflow, cultural hall, AND stage were packed with people. I also heard that there were people in overflow rooms just listening to the audio of the funeral. Had I died at 17, I'm positive I would not have even filled the chapel, let alone the entire stake center! Anyway, Scott's sister, Kate, spoke about what a great friend Seth was and she did such a great job -- we were so proud of her! Although the meeting was sad, from his entire family speaking to hearing the football team sing, there was such a feeling of peace and celebration knowing he lived his life well and was such an incredible kid.

While we were in Utah, we were able to spend a lot of time with Scott's family which was a lot of fun. Scott's brother and his wife (Cody and Nikell) came in from Kansas City (where's he's going to medical school) so Henry especially loved playing with their little boy, Noah. It's so fun to watch them slowly start engaging one another. Even though Noah is over a year younger than him, Henry just followed Noah around and shadow-played right behind him. He is truly such a follower!

We tried to get a cute picture of the four Christensen cousins and it was nearly impossible, as you can tell. You can barely see Baby Crew, Noah looks overjoyed with the whole process, Henry's stuffing his face with Oreos, and Ruby sort of has that "deer in the headlights" look. Oh well, we tried.
One of the highlights of the trip was Ruby learning how to crawl! She's been rocking on her hands and knees for a few weeks now but on Friday she really took the plunge and rocked forward and kept on going. Henry didn't crawl until 10 months so I didn't think she'd crawl before 9 months. The best thing about this picture is the look of concentration on Henry's face; he's almost willing her to keep moving (either that or he's eyeing the toy she's going for). I love it.

And the other highlight of this trip was a new food discovery for Ruby...

She does NOT like watermelon.