Ain't No Sunshine

Last Thursday I went to the cabin with some girlfriends for a scrapbooking/ladies' weekend and it was glorious. The weather was beautiful. Warm mountain breeze coming through the windows and everything.

But I have to be honest. Something was missing.

And her name is Ruby.

Seriously, when she's not around I feel just a little off, though I might actually be a little
less stressed (because let's face it, she can be the teeniest, tiniest whiner nearly ALL THE TIME).

She's my shadow. My girl. My favorite little lady. My raison d'etre as well as my raison d'insanite
(I minored in French, okay? It's okay if I make up French words because I don't really remember any).

She's also my comic relief from the all-too-familiar stresses of motherhood.
Yesterday at lunch I was harping on her and Henry to eat and she looks at me with those big eyes and funny smile and says, "You. Are. Driving. Me. Crazy!"

In short, Ruby's funny little personality is my sunshine.