Why I Love My Toddler - Reason #273

First of all, does Henry still count as a toddler?

Anyhoo, tonight the kids and I made a little dinner run to the high-end eating establishment that can only be found in super posh cities, like Bozeman. Perhaps you've heard of it -- Taco Time. You have heard of it? Weird.

Anyhoo, here's why I love Henry:

On the drive over he asks me, "Mama? There's a little bit of frowdy over there?"
"Yes, Henry. There are a few clouds over there."

After picking up our 5-star food, Henry says in his best whiney voice, "Mama. I want a teeter-totter."
"A what?" I say.
"A teeter-totter!" he whines back.
"Oh, you want a tater-tot?" I laugh in reply.
Tater-tot, teeter-totter, same diff.

Then as we're pulling into our neighborhood, he's singing "Twinkle, Twinkle" to Ruby to get her to stop crying (she hates the carseat) and I hear him change his tune a little, it takes me a second to recognize what he's singing and suddenly I hear,

"Ha, Ha, Ha! Bless your soul, [jumbled words] fink you in control ......... I think you're CRAZY!"

A little Gnarls Barkley, anyone?

And that is why I love my toddler.


Building A Mystery

People have asked me if Ruby has as much hair as Henry did at this age and I always say, "Well, not quite, but I think it's kind of close."

Boy have I been misleading all those inquiring-minds!

I decided to do the research for myself and get to the bottom of this "mystery" and here's what I discovered:

Here is Ruby today, about 10 minutes ago to be exact:Her hair's pretty good, right? A little on the light and thin side but I think it's still sort of like Henry's was. Let's see a few more examples:

Okay, now that we've examined that specimen, let's see the comparison subject:

Uh-oh. We could be in for a serious upset here.

It's not looking so good for you Ruby.

Well, shucks. Case Closed.


Last Week At the Cabin

So we had a fun week last week in Ashton/Warm River, Idaho at Scott's parents' cabin. The weather was absolutely perfect (still maybe a little too warm because we didn't even get to light a fire) and the company was great. We met Liz and Justin and their kids (Taylor, Christian, Brooke, Paige, Ellie, and the bun in the oven) on Wednesday night and then spent the day with them in Yellowstone on Thursday. My parents came on Thursday night to party the rest of the weekend with us. We had a great time! Thanks for coming everybody!