Why I Love My Toddler - Reason #273

First of all, does Henry still count as a toddler?

Anyhoo, tonight the kids and I made a little dinner run to the high-end eating establishment that can only be found in super posh cities, like Bozeman. Perhaps you've heard of it -- Taco Time. You have heard of it? Weird.

Anyhoo, here's why I love Henry:

On the drive over he asks me, "Mama? There's a little bit of frowdy over there?"
"Yes, Henry. There are a few clouds over there."

After picking up our 5-star food, Henry says in his best whiney voice, "Mama. I want a teeter-totter."
"A what?" I say.
"A teeter-totter!" he whines back.
"Oh, you want a tater-tot?" I laugh in reply.
Tater-tot, teeter-totter, same diff.

Then as we're pulling into our neighborhood, he's singing "Twinkle, Twinkle" to Ruby to get her to stop crying (she hates the carseat) and I hear him change his tune a little, it takes me a second to recognize what he's singing and suddenly I hear,

"Ha, Ha, Ha! Bless your soul, [jumbled words] fink you in control ......... I think you're CRAZY!"

A little Gnarls Barkley, anyone?

And that is why I love my toddler.


Cody and Nikell said...

Henry is too funny! Does he ever ask to ride on a tater-tot at the park? I wish I lived in Bozeman so I could experience Taco Time. How about you list reasons you love your toddler 1-272!

Celia and Scott said...

Nikell, I would love to list all 272 other reasons why I love my toddler but today hasn't really been a 272 reasons kind of day. He's been a little naughty.

Do you not have fine dining Taco Time in Missoura? How strange!

Kim said...

Seriously, I miss crisp meat burritos so bad! Next time you go, eat one for me. Henry is so dang funny! I wish I could have been there to witness that. What a sweet little boy for trying to soothe Rubadoo.

Adrienne said...

I lol at Kim's comment, and us all typing Rubadoo. Everyone reading that must think we are retarded....but seriously, those moments are what it's all about. And thanks to your b-log, you have that stuff written down now! Sad to report, I don't want to remember most of the things Kate is saying these days because it is nothing but sass and backtalk!! Sigh....

BLAIR said...

Why I love my wife - Reason #600: She loves Taco Time's crisp meat burritos more than me. That's what being raised in Tremonton will do to you.....woops. Anyways, enough about Kim, your blog is off the chain, Cels. Miss the kids.

Celia and Scott said...

Thanks Blair. Tell Kim if I get her name for Christmas, I'll give her a dozen long-stemmed crisp meat burritos.

Sara Decker said...

I want to hang out with your family the next time you are all together because you are all hilarious. Sounds like Henry is going to be just as funny. By the way, I love TacoTime and eat it everytime I visit my mom in St. George, classic!

Celia and Scott said...

Who knew Taco Time had such a cult following?

ali degraff said...

what kind of mother are you....i mean, taco time and Gnarls Barkley?

My child only eats a wholesome diet of raw veggies and whole grains.

c jane said...

Oh my goodness I love teeter-totters too, with fry sauce.

I can see why you love this toddler of yours.