My Big Day

So, I'm 30! I can't say that it feels differently than 29, except maybe now I can't be offended if the teenage bagger at Alberston's calls me "ma'am." I guess that comes with the new territory.

I have to say that Scott stole the show, however. He surprised me by getting a babysitter (even on family night -- how dare we?!?), taking me to a fancy restaurant, and having some of my friends there to greet us! Scott has never done anything this sneaky so I was pleasantly surprised by the festivities. Although a few couples couldn't make it, we had such a great time with Traci and Jaeson, and Rachael and Chad. Thank you for coming you guys and sacrificing your family night. I hope we didn't disrupt the harmony in your home!

Thank you Scotty for gently ushering me into my 30s with an appropriate amount of celebration -- not too much, but not too little (hello, I "immodestly heralded the arrival" of my own birthday, afterall; there must be SOME celebration!).

Fellow partying friends:
Traci and Jaeson

Rachael and Chad

Thanks again everybody!


You Say It's My Birthday!

Hey everybody! It's my birthday! I've left my 20s and entered the strange, wide world of my 30s. Woo hoo!

Now, I'm not one to beg but I'll do it anyway -- all I want for my big day is for everyone who reads this (all six of you) to leave a comment -- especially if you've never left one before. In return, I'll visit each of your blogs and leave a comment. If you'd really like to make my day, please include the link to a funny/favorite post from your blog.

(My husband thinks it's lame that I'm so immodestly heralding the arrival of my birthday and even worse, fishing for comments but seriously, I'm turning 30 and this is all I want? He should be thanking his lucky stars I'm not asking for a trip to Europe or something. Also, I have no shame. Truthfully, my blog counter seems to be off the chizz-ain these days so unless my mom is checking our blog 72 times a day, something tells me there are others out there who have yet to introduce themselves ... at least that's what I'm hoping. If not, thanks Mom for boosting my self esteem!)