I'm Becoming ... Her

Here I am,
just minding my own, and suddenly I
notice that I am not quite who I thought
I was. Or maybe, who I wanted to be.

After our walk to pick up the mail the other day, we stopped by the swings for a little mother-children quality time. I gave Ruby a tiny push in her tiny swing and gave Henry a few "underdog" pushes to keep him going for a few minutes and I jumped on my own swing. Suddenly, it happened. Could it be...........?

I got motion sickness!!!

What in the?!?

I was supposed to be the cool mom who goes on roller coasters with her kids, not the dorky one who stands off to the side holding everybody's Skeeball loot. In fact, I'd probably bench one of my own kids from riding The Colossus at Lagoon if it meant I could go partake of the loopdey-loop fun.

But whoa Nelly! Motion Sickness? On swings?

Seriously, I had to keep my eyes focused on something straight ahead to keep from getting dizzy. I got off the swing just to stop myself from embarrassing myself. Ridiculous.


I've Been Tagged

4 Jobs I've Had: (I can only name 4? I've had about 25.)
-Nu Skin (receptionist, order processor, PR intern -- thanks for all the good times Nu Skin!)
-Checker at a Grocery Store (freshman year at USU- Scott was a bagger at the same store but love was definitely NOT in the air)
-Baker at Einstein's Bagels (junior year in college - probably one of my all-time favs)
-Idaho Mountain Trading (bike/ski shop in Idaho Falls before Henry was born)

4 Movies I could watch over and over:
-Napoleon Dynamite
-School of Rock
-Bend It Like Beckham (I played soccer in high school, I love the British accent, David Beckham is pretty hot, the main guy in the show is pretty hot, I like the Indian girl who plays "Neela" on ER so this is pretty much a no-brainer)
-I'm a little hesitant to admit this but Scott got me into the Lord of the Rings movies. I've seen all of them numerous times. So probably those and any of the original Star Wars movies. But I draw the Sci-Fi line after these, I swear.

Places I Have Lived:
-Frankfurt, Germany (when I was a baby but I'm claiming it!)
-All over northern Utah
-Allentown, PA
-Sao Paulo, Brazil and Curitiba, Brazil
-Idaho Falls
-Bozeman, Montana

My Fav Foods:
-Pizza (I know, me and every other 3rd grader)
-Lately, Ice Cream
-White Cake with Raspberry Filling

Favorite TV Shows:
-Grey's Anatomy
-The Office (Who doesn't love The Office? I defy you to find one semi-humorous individual who doesn't L-O-V-E it.)
-American Idol
-So You Think You Can Dance (so sad it's over)
-Top Chef (Thanks Adrienne! As if I needed any more "programs" to record.)
-ER (Does anyone still watch this show besides me, Adrienne, and my mother-in-law?)

Places I Would Rather Be Right Now:
-On a tropical vacation with Scott and the kids and a few nannies
-In Utah with all of our family (we had so much fun there this summer!)
-Asleep (it is 11:15 p.m. afterall and I am no night owl)
-Just sitting around talking and laughing with my family or Scott's (or both! they are all so hilarious!)

People I Have Tagged:
-Let's see, I don't have any other friends who blog so I guess I have no one to tag. Adrienne, did you ever do this "tagging" thing when you were tagged? What about Melissa? I think you read my blog occassionally, maybe you should be tagged.

Is there anyone even out there?