There Was a Little Girl...*

*WARNING: This post is extreme Mommy Blogging. Meant mostly for grandparents and Doubting Thomases of the familial sort. You know who you are.

My daughter, who shall remain named, Ruby, has two moods and two moods only. She is either the best thing around or the ... well, I don't want to actually say, "the worst," so let's just say ... the opposite of the best.

Unfortunately, whenever we leave the comforts of home she tends to clam up, whine a lot, and cling to me, therefore greatly reducing her ability to showcase her warm and cuddly side.

I present this video as proof to my family members who believe Ruby to be a cross, whiney, near-mute.

p.s. If you stick it out to the end, you'll be rewarded with a semi-nude chubby baby.