A Man of His Word

Like many other little three year-old LDS kids, Henry became a Sunbeam on Sunday. The interesting part of this story is not that he cried and threw a fit (because he didn't) or that he dazzled his fellow "Primary Participants" with his understanding of the book of Isaiah (which he's never even heard of), the interesting part is what happened AFTER primary. Here's how it went down:

Primary Secretary (handing me a piece of paper): Hi Sister Christensen. He did great! Here's a little paper for you. Henry is going to give the talk next Sunday in Primary.

Me: [silence]

Primary Secretary: [Smiles]

Me: Seriously?

Primary Secretary: Oh yes! [still smiling] He volunteered!

Me: Seriously?

Still Me (but only in my head): Who holds a three year-old to his word, especially when he has no idea what you're talking about?

Anyway, so apparently, Henry is giving a talk, in his second week of Primary--ever.

Just so you know, I have to bribe him with cookies just to get him to talk to his grandparents on the phone (which he mostly ends up refusing to do anyway). So, this ought to be interesting.

He's supposed to choose one of his favorite scripture stories and tell it in his own words. I sure hope he doesn't choose Daniel and the Lions' Den or he might end up with a nasty case of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder if he starts having flashbacks.