Summer in Montana is Like the Little Engine that Could

It's supposed to hit 70 degrees here today! Woot woot!

Even though that little tidbit alone is cause enough for serious celebration, I have even BIGGER NEWS!!!!!
(No, I'm not pregnant so stop spreading rumors.) 

The talented and funny blogger, Lindsay @ Just My Blog is doing a GIVEAWAY for one of my jane henry hats!

So get on over there and win yourself a hat!!!!

It could be this one ...

 Or this one ...

 (Isn't my nephew the cutest?! The mischievous cheesy grin on that boy gets him out of so much trouble!)



Here's one of the best things about being a mother ... (and I'm pretty sure God made my children sign a waiver before coming to Earth, relinquishing all rights to this part of their body):

(See how he's so nonplussed at the pinching? He was seriously concentrating on a game yet my cheek pinching is a simple fact of life around here. He's so used to it he could probably win the Scripps National Spelling Bee with me hanging off his face.)

I could do this all day. And sometimes I do.