Divine Intervention

Okay, so Scott is out of town again and we've had our fair share of ups and downs since he left. Our biggest problem is that it has been so HOT here! Because we live in Bozeman there aren't really any places to take small kids during hot summer days to get out of the heat so we've just been holed up in the house, afraid to go outside.

So this morning I found myself at my wit's end and it's only 11 a.m. Henry has just been sent screaming to timeout and Ruby is on the floor crying, wanting to be picked up. I just HAD to sit down at the computer for one minute to make a feeble attempt at regaining my sanity. I opened this email from a friend in Pennsylvania with a link to the show, Britain's Got Talent, and it seriously saved me! Not only did the guy sing one of my favorite songs, but he had an incredible voice. So if you need a little pick me up, check this link out.

My Musical Saving Grace of the Day


Houston, We Have Landed ... Almost

We'd like to announce the arrival of Flight Potty Training 101. We officially started potty-training Henry this week and so far he's doing really well. We only had three accidents the first day, one the second day, and no accidents at all on days 3 and 4. Woo hoo! I'm actually quite surprised he's doing this well. I guess it does pay off to expect the worst. The only hang up we have is when it comes to the "serious business." We have yet to cross that bridge in four days of potty training so I'm hoping he can catch on to that one sooner rather than later. But he loves wearing his Lightning McQueen undies and tells us when he has to go and takes off running to the bathroom. He constantly quotes his cousin Kate by saying, "I'm big!" I think the key for us was waiting long enough for him to really care and to buy into the idea that this makes him a big boy. Now, if we can only master the serious business, we will be super happy campers up here!