Happy Birthday Dear Scotty!!!!

Woo hoo! I'm not the only 30 year-old in the house anymore! Welcome to the 30s Babe! Come on in! The water's fine!

Here he is, my one and only...

He doesn't get his voice heard a lot on this blog. I think there are two reasons for this: #1-I'm a yakker and #2-He's not as interested as I am in hearing my own voice (wait, what? what am I talking about?!?!)

So, how fitting is it that my little tree hugger's birthday just COINCIDENTALLY COINCIDES with Earth Day? Happy Earth Day y'all! (Before I forget, Scott doesn't want any presents. He requests that any present money be sent to the greenest conservation organization of your choice. Or, just go out and hug a tree.)

So here's my tribute to the guy many of you might not know very well...

He was the cutest little tyke on the planet (until our kids came along)...

He loves his family...

(I think I mostly love the mustache in that picture. Grow it back Hal!)

He and his brother, Cody, are the two cutest little pals! As the picture so aptly demonstrates, they are total opposites. One of my favorite stories of Scott's childhood is when Cody was learning to talk, no one could understand him (and from what I understand, this went on for QUITE some time). So Scott did the only thing a big brother could do, he acted as Cody's interpreter.

So, I haven't really done the research to back this next statement up but I'm about 98.7% positive that it's true -- it is HARD to find a 30 year-old man who loves his grandparents as much as Scott loves his. Scott calls his Grandma Mary and Grandpa Hal regularly just to check in and make sure they're doing okay.

He loves his sisters...
When I got to know Scott's family, it was clear that Scott had such a loving relationship with his sisters. Seriously, I melt when I catch those little glimpses of concern and love that he has for Becca and Kate.

He is patient! He'd have to be. Seriously, I'm not so easy to live with, folks. Shocker, right?.

Scott is passionate. He has always loved the outdoors and has a deep and profound love and respect for God's creations -- and I love that about him.

Is this not the proudest kid in the entire world?

(Scott particularly loves the desert. It's kind of an interesting little quirk about him. I would take the mountains or even the ocean anyday, but not him, he's a desert kind of guy.)
He is goofy! He makes me laugh (or at least smile when I'm grouchy) every day.

He is the best dad in the whole world. I really am convinced of it.

Scott loves to play the guitar. In fact, he gave me my first lesson our first semester at USU in 1996. Go Aggies!
Don't let his laid back nature fool you, this kid is PARTICULAR about what he will and will not wear. I've given up shopping for him ... well, almost ... my hope is still dangling like a thread that one day he'll let me dress him from head to toe ... maybe when we're 80.
Scott is very loyal. He doesn't let people in very easily but once he does he considers them friends for life and would do anything for them.

A little girl named Ruby has him oh-so-tightly wound around her little finger.

Scott is very intelligent, practical, quiet, down-to-earth, Christ-like, considerate, good at what he does, spiritual, and my personal favorite -- loving.

Happy Birthday Babe! I love you!