We Have Visitors!!

Typical to Scott's summer habit, he abandoned his family once again to go on a river-rafting trip. Lucky for me though, my little brother, Nick, and Scott's little sister, Becca, came up for a visit to help ward off the boredom. They'll be here until tomorrow so we're trying to pack in all the activities we can ... well, not really. Unless you like to hike (which Nick doesn't) or go on "beer floats" down the Madison River, we've had a hard time finding fun things for sober 20-somethings to do around here. So all we've really done is eat, sleep, eat, laugh, shop, and eat so it's pretty much been my type of week. I sure hope they've had fun. It was fun to have them and I know Henry loved having them here!


Our Trip to Utah

We returned from a long trip to Utah on Sunday and we had a great time. Besides being there without Scott for the majority of the trip and both kids coming down with multiple sicknesses (i.e. strep throat, random virus, and an even more random eye infection), we were sorry to come home. Henry is just getting to the age where he can really enjoy his cousins' company so it was fun to watch him run around and get crazy with them. It was fun to see Nick after his mission, swim, go to the movie, eat, eat, eat, run a short 5K with my dad (my tougher, more strong-willed sisters and sisters-in-law ran the 10K) on the 4th, go to a Bees baseball game, and just sit around and laugh with the family. Once again, I felt extremely blessed to have such wonderful families (mine and Scott's, of course). We couldn't ask for anything more!

I'm Here

So I finally succumbed to the enticings of my sister who said she loves reading people's blogs and likes writing her own. My problem with the whole idea is that I'm sure people have better things to do than read my mundane dronings about my so-called life. Then again, maybe you don't. So I decided to just give it a whirl, to send my musings out into the calm cosmos, and wait to see if the boomerang effect rings true for me too. What will become of my meager attempt? Time will only tell. So anyway, I'm here.