We Have Visitors!!

Typical to Scott's summer habit, he abandoned his family once again to go on a river-rafting trip. Lucky for me though, my little brother, Nick, and Scott's little sister, Becca, came up for a visit to help ward off the boredom. They'll be here until tomorrow so we're trying to pack in all the activities we can ... well, not really. Unless you like to hike (which Nick doesn't) or go on "beer floats" down the Madison River, we've had a hard time finding fun things for sober 20-somethings to do around here. So all we've really done is eat, sleep, eat, laugh, shop, and eat so it's pretty much been my type of week. I sure hope they've had fun. It was fun to have them and I know Henry loved having them here!


Adrienne said...

yay...a new post, complete with photos! lucky for you, I doubt Becca and Nick had these lofty dreams of all the killer things they would be doing in Bozeman.
I loved that you described Henry as having "lots of voices"...that made me miss his little smile, his bottom lip bite, and his bed head full of roosters. and his whining for milk and juice : )
Weird....jim was putting kate to bed over two hours ago, and has not surfaced yet. You think he fell asleep or what?

Jessica said...

Looks like a lot of fun. When are you gonna come back out to Cali for a visit?