Into the Great Wide Open

Anyone who knows my husband well knows that the boy can NOT sit still. I, on the other hand, feel perfectly fine sitting (or lying) still for hours at a time.

So these days, what with my "delicate"condition and all, Scott has taken to getting both kids (and dog) out of the house and into the great outdoors.

Of course one of the main activities is fishing.

Henry, reeling in a big one in Yellowstone Park.

Fishing and wading on another outing.
Even when I try and put the kibosh on his plans, Scott adapts. When I said they couldn't go camping a couple of weeks ago because it was too late and I didn't want them to go far away, he was not to be deterred. Here they are camping in our backyard:

(No, Ruby was not invited for the actual sleeping part of this camp out. Lucky her, she was completely unaware upstairs in her comfy crib of the 5 a.m. crawl into the house when Henry peed his pants and had to come in for dry clothes and a warm bed. Also, please note the mountain man beard Scott grew for Alaska, which has since been remedied. )

Hanging out at Ruby Reservoir.

Throwing rocks (who knew Hen had such a mean arm?).


We've Only Just Begun

Henry started preschool last week. I realized that morning as I ate breakfast that it was only the beginning of a very long chapter in my life. He's just the first of my children to embark on the journey of education and everything that entails. Exciting, but makes me a little sad at the thought of my babies growing up.

Here he is just rearing to get out that door (notice the awesome two week old tattoo that my sis-in-law put on him in Utah. That stupid thing still won't come off! Thanks Kate!).

Here he is again with the first day of preschool prerequisites: a backpack that is bigger than he is and a baby sister who has to show off all of her cool stuff too.