We've Only Just Begun

Henry started preschool last week. I realized that morning as I ate breakfast that it was only the beginning of a very long chapter in my life. He's just the first of my children to embark on the journey of education and everything that entails. Exciting, but makes me a little sad at the thought of my babies growing up.

Here he is just rearing to get out that door (notice the awesome two week old tattoo that my sis-in-law put on him in Utah. That stupid thing still won't come off! Thanks Kate!).

Here he is again with the first day of preschool prerequisites: a backpack that is bigger than he is and a baby sister who has to show off all of her cool stuff too.


Sharon said...

He looks so grown up. I can't believe these 4 years have gone by so fast. Doesn't that encourage you that 9 months isn't so bad! Hope you are feeling better. Hugs and kisses for Hen and Ruby-doo. Love you Sharon

Adrienne said...

How cute is he Cels, and so big. You are right....I don't even recognize him with that short haircut! But he looks like a big boy, for sure.

I can't wait to find out what you're having!

Two Ladies and No Baby said...

Two words Cel, Baby Oil. Not that I promote taking off tats. Hen is lookin' studly, and I love how Ruby is showing off all her sweet stuff. She don't need no school. Holla!!

Favorite Aunt Kate

Jaeson and Traci Repscher said...

His is a big boy! I love that he was so excited to go to school. You really should relish that you know, they will get to a point that you have to dress them, drive them to school, and kick them out the door of your van while still going 10 mph so they can't run and catch up to jump back in. (J/K)Really! Are you ever going to drive a van? Just wondering!? At least he wasn't crying and hanging on your leg when you dropped him off. I think that would've been harder. I love that Ruby carries around the dog Avery gave her (I looked close at the picture). That was the best money I've ever spent!

Spitzer Family said...

When did Ruby get so big-and so much cute hair!! Henry will have so much fun in preschool! Miss you guys!