Rollin' With My Homies

I hung out with a group of 12 girls through most of my high school career and we were C-R-A-Z-Y (right Mom? Although she probably shouldn't be the one to judge because I'd bet that if she were Mother Theresa's mom, she still probably would have found some reason to ground her. Like how about when Mother Theresa blew up a tv up the canyon and then lied about it or when she got caught BIG TIME sluffing Honors English three times in a row? Geez MT, those probably weren't the smartest things to do so maybe you deserve the grounding afterall). So anyway, a couple of weeks ago in Utah I got the RARE chance to hang out with six of those friends (some of whom I hadn't seen in YEARS!) and their kids.

Speaking of "that group," our group of friends was called The Freaks. Nice name, huh? Pretty sad that we actually embraced the name even though it was given to us as a gesture of insult. All I can say is we had a pretty good amount of self-esteem.

So we went to Harmony's new BEAUTIFUL house in Alpine and had a BBQ. The food was great (which I take no responsibility for at all since my assignment was a bag of chips and I failed to even work that out in the end -- hey! I'm a travellin' (wo)man!) and the company was even better!

Here's Henry getting to know Mandy and Tyler's darling little Olivia. I don't mean to brag but I think the boy's got skillz:
Skills? I should say! Look who we found a few hours later trying to elope in a Radio Flyer! Like I told Mandy, let the record show that I wholeheartedly support betrothing these two. How cute would their kids be?!?!

So here's the crew:
Me, Harmony, Nicole, Mandy (Parker), Mandy (Ivie), Jane, and Aime.

Between the seven of us, there were 14 kids so it was awesome. It was so much fun to see my friends as real, "grownup" women! I'm sorry that not everyone was there but we need to plan a reunion soon!

Thanks again ladies for a hilarious night!