Let's Give 'Em Somethin' to Fight About

Being the awesome parents that we are, we've educated our children on the beauty of the classic and timeless hairstyle -- the mullet. We've even gone so far as letting our children know that one of them has one.

So the other morning at breakfast, Ruby offers up to Henry and me the line we've coached her on before, "I ... have ... a ... mullet!"

To which he replies, "No, I have a mullet."

And of course, Ruby will not be denied her claim, "NO! I HAVE A MULLET!"

This intense debate continued back and forth for about 4.2 minutes until one of them was in tears and I had long since stopped laughing.

In my previous life (pre-pregnancy), I would have provided you with a great picture of Ruby's said mullet but I haven't picked up my camera in over a week. It's sad really.

But speaking of my pregnancy, is anyone noticing the kind of creepy, twirling baby in the corner? WE'RE GETTING CLOSE PEOPLE!