We went camping last weekend. Abram's a whopping four months and not sleeping through the night, so why not?

The good news: Scott made dinner, the kids slept well, the scenery was beautiful, the kids had fun, and Ruby invented the word "campouting."

The bad news: my pictures turned out dark (could somebody teach me how to use my camera already?!? or at least make me put in the effort to correct them in Photoshop?!?!), Scott and I slept like shiz, we were exhausted when we got home, and Ruby got a mosquito bite on her bottom eyelid (which is notable enough to make it on the "bad news" list only because her crazy allergies caused her eye to swell almost completely shut. We got some crazy looks at church on Sunday so I'm pretty sure DCFS is going to come knocking any day now. Anyone willing to be our character witness?).

Getting back into the game - camping with a four month old:

Good thing this kid can't roll yet:

Chef Christensen and his tiny sous chef:

Abram thought sleeping in a tent was the coolest:

Hen even got some bouldering in:

Could there be anything cuter than a chubby four month old?

The Tobacco Root Mountains are gorgeous, full of wild flowers, even in the middle of July. Reason #1,073 that we love Montana: