We went camping last weekend. Abram's a whopping four months and not sleeping through the night, so why not?

The good news: Scott made dinner, the kids slept well, the scenery was beautiful, the kids had fun, and Ruby invented the word "campouting."

The bad news: my pictures turned out dark (could somebody teach me how to use my camera already?!? or at least make me put in the effort to correct them in Photoshop?!?!), Scott and I slept like shiz, we were exhausted when we got home, and Ruby got a mosquito bite on her bottom eyelid (which is notable enough to make it on the "bad news" list only because her crazy allergies caused her eye to swell almost completely shut. We got some crazy looks at church on Sunday so I'm pretty sure DCFS is going to come knocking any day now. Anyone willing to be our character witness?).

Getting back into the game - camping with a four month old:

Good thing this kid can't roll yet:

Chef Christensen and his tiny sous chef:

Abram thought sleeping in a tent was the coolest:

Hen even got some bouldering in:

Could there be anything cuter than a chubby four month old?

The Tobacco Root Mountains are gorgeous, full of wild flowers, even in the middle of July. Reason #1,073 that we love Montana:


Josh and Hil said...

on accidenty we totally miss montanta sometimes! And we totally think of you guys and how cool you and scotty boy are!

Mandy said...

I have say, I think your brave to take a baby camping. Mine is 2 1/2 and I'm just now thinking about taking her out.
You seriously have the cutest family!

morganallison said...

Wow - that spot looks amazing! I am super impressed that you venture out with 3 kids! We can't even muster up the camping energy with one kid - you need to move here and motivate us (and just invite us on your trips :))!

Celia and Scott said...

I have to say, it's ALL Scott. He packs the kids' clothes (the ONLY time he ever does that), plans and packs the meals, loads the car, makes the meals, etc. He is a camper, through and through.

I finally just relented to go so we could get some quality family time in, seeing as how that's almost the only way I get to see my husband on the weekends. He thinks the exhaustion the next day is all worth it. For me, the jury is still out on that.

Wendy said...

I keep telling Jake that when I don't have babies anymore, then I'll go camping. I guess that excuse doesn't hold much weight.

Ben and Shara said...

you guys are the coolest parents. be sure to take lots of pictures so that when your kids grow up you can assure them that you were cool and that they once liked you. Oh wait, is that not your plan? that is my plan cuz I'm pretty sure my kids are gonna hate me in about 10 years. he he. I need some kind of proof of "cool things".

amyorr said...

Celia, where have you been! I only have 1 Sunday left here and I thought you would be fighting off Amanda to sit by me. You were a no show.
What a fun camping trip. I love Abrams hat......that YOU made. Not the other awesome hat/crocheter.

Kate said...

I particularly enjoy Ruby's creativity in making up a word such as campouting. It's quicker and self explanatory. What else could you ask for? I like her! Even though she doesn't really care for my affections.

NatureGirl said...

Great pix! Thanks again for letting us crash at your place. It was great to see you guys and your adorable babes!

The Bairds said...

hey, this is alittle delayed, but thanks for letting me bust up the christensen party for the showing of the bachelorette.. it was a lot of fun!!