Heaven Has a New Tenor

Growing up in the Smith family, we always knew who the 3 Tenors were. But more importantly, we always knew who the best one was -- Luciano Pavarotti.
I'm in Utah for the week just hanging out with my parents and yesterday my mom announced suddenly and dramatically, "I heard the worst news today! Pavarotti is in and out of consciousness!" So this morning, I felt like the grim reaper when she walked in and I said, "Mom, Pavarotti died this morning." Her hand flew to her mouth and she became understandably upset. I mean, this is Luciano Pavarotti we're talking about here!
Over breakfast she said, "He was one of my idols ... I just can't believe it!" And then after a few moments of quiet thought, she asked, "Who is going to be your idol when you grow up?" Wait! I'm 29. I thought I had grown up. Apparently not. So, typical to my smart aleck personality, I said, "I already have an idol. It's Fantasia Barrino." (She did win American Idol after all. Doesn't she deserve my adoration as well? Okay, maybe not.)
Anyway, it really is sad and I do agree with my mom that today is a noteworthy and sad day in history.