A Baby Blessing

A few weeks ago we blessed our beautiful Abram in Utah. We were so happy to have so many friends and family come and celebrate the day with us. Scott did a great job and Abram behaved himself quite nicely during the blessing (not quite as well during the after-blessing photo shoot but whatever).

Here's a recap of the day.

Abram in all his angel-white glory, during his dress rehearsal (aka the day before trying on his sweet shorts outfit):

(Why can I still not get over that dimple? I'm pretty sure it's the most adorable thing on the planet.)

Scott apparently looking exhausted before the guests even arrived and the big event actually took place:

The littlest mousketeer and her balloon-hat-wearing brother amusing themselves before everyone showed up:

Family portrait (minus 2):

Our darling girl gettin' her grub on afterwards (thanks Sharon, Mom, Liz, and Jodanna for delicious food!):

Abram is grandchild #18 for my parents!

And grandchild #5 for Scott's parents.
(We're so lucky to have such great parents who make perfect grandparents for our kids!)

My siblings who live in Utah:
(Nick, his girlfriend Mairin, Blair, his wife Kim, and my sister Liz)

And Scott's two sisters, Becca and Kate:
(No, I'm not usually such a camera hog but Scott was running around trying to get all of our stuff in the car for the 7 hr. trip home. Poor guy, with three kids, a dog, and snacks and drinks out the wazoo, that is NOT a fun job. Thanks Scotty!)

Even though he's only been with us just shy of eight weeks, he has brought us so much happiness and joy -- it's incredible. We feel blessed to have him in our family and hope that we make him as proud as we know he will make us!