Gender Confusion

Here's a little random sample of my kids' unique behavior today.

Henry walks out of my room, having gotten a hold of and experimented with my mascara, looking like this:

Then Ruby's running around with a death-grip on her favorite cars.

I'm going to pretend I'm not drawing any conclusions from this behavior.


Inquiring Minds Have Been DYING to Know

Henry gave his first "talk" in church yesterday and a few people have been asking for the follow-up.

This story would not be quite as good without the background detail, so here it is.

As we were hurriedly getting ready for church yesterday I asked Scott to hurry and type the notes for Henry's talk about the Biblical prophet, Noah.

So he goes over to the computer and is typing away for like 10 minutes while I get the kids dressed. All the while I'm thinking, "I'm glad he's typing this instead of me -- it'll save me time."

Boy was I wrong.

I walk over there only to discover this is what he had typed:

This is it, the moment you've all been waiting for, my talk on the prophet Noah. Settle down, please hold your applause until the end, there will be plenty of time for celebration and jubilee. So, how many you peeps heard of Noah? You know, the dude with the boat? Well, you ain't heard the half-a that story, it's a doozy. Before I start, I'd like to give a shout out to all the little people that got me here today, especially my daddy 'cause he drove the car and took me to Sunbeams. Also, can I get a woop woop from all the Sunbeams?! Yeah, that's what I'm talkin' about!

Okay, so back to Noah and his magical floating animal bus. One day God tells Noah to build a boat 'cause He's gonna flood the whole earth. Crazy! The Big Man tells Noah to proclaim repentance to all the peeps that have gone astray, know what I'm sayin'?

And that's where I stopped him. Seriously? That's what he was doing for 10 precious minutes as I rushed around getting our kids ready? At the time I did NOT think it was even one bit funny but now I can give him a tiny little bit of credit for the, "can I get a woop woop from all the Sunbeams?!"

Anyway, after all the preparation and practicing, it turned out that the Primary's microphone was broken and nobody heard a dang word Henry said. Of all the luck!

I was just proud that he was brave enough to get up there. My little shy guy is growing up!

Here he is a couple hours after church celebrating his victorious (I realize the word "victorious" may be a bit strong considering no one even heard what he said, nor was anyone converted to Christianity by his persuasive ways, but hey, he was brave, so we're stickin' with victorious) day:

Just an officer of the law, keepin' the peace.
Speakin' of peace, peace man.

Wait! Is he flashing me a gang sign?