A Baby No More

So my little lady turned TWO yesterday! Unbelievable. It feels like I was just posting about her first birthday and now here we are. Here's a little recap of my sweet little girl's journey in this world so far:

38 weeks and 6 day old fetus, just hours before her grand entrance
1 day old, basically the cutest thing you've ever seen

6 months old, still the cutest thing you've ever seen

1 year old, definitely the cutest thing you've ever seen (even without hair, thank you very much)

And today (still cute even though she's finally got some hair but refuses to let me do anything with it)
Here's the rundown of the big day:

Pigging out on a birthday doughnut (she's so much like me it's scary)

Trying to shake off the birthday nap/coma (not to mention the wicked case of bedhead)

Employing her big guns to really get into the meat of that present!

Obviously, the exertion was well worth it in the end

My humble efforts

Blow, Ruby, blow!!

There are so many things I love about my girl. She is so funny and quirky, and she knows it. There is a big side to her though that is G-R-O-U-C-H-Y and we're not afraid to admit it. She is my little grouchy girl but for whatever reason, perhaps it's because she's mine (just a hunch), it makes her that much more endearing to me.

We love our little Ruby Jane and can't imagine our life without her!