Scott -- Definition: A Fun Dad

I'm struggling with blogging, can you tell? Oh, who cares if my posts aren't funny and end up really lame, right? At least I'm here.

So last weekend I had a little scrapbook "getaway" with a few girlfriends. Actually, we didn't really get away that far. We were supposed to go to Scott's family's cabin near Ashton, ID but due to complications, we ended up staying home but scrapping Friday night and all day Saturday at Traci's husband's dentist office (thanks again Jaeson for having us -- I had a hard time keeping those tiny pesky eyelets under control so if you find any stray ones on the floor, send 'em my way!).

So, Scott faced with a Saturday alone with the kids, did what I would for sure do -- headed to Yellowstone Park (the joke there is that is NOT what I would do, far from it; not that I'm anti-Yellowstone, I LOVE Yellowstone, but driving around all day with two wiggly kids is not really my favorite activity). But guess what? They loved it!

The highlight of the day? They watched a grizzly bear from less than 100 yds. away for about an hour! Scott said the kiddies were fascinated! Henry wanted to be up close and personal with the bear so his binoculars were a necessity. Ruby kept growling at the bear. (She's so cute these days, I can't even take it!)

The spring is our favorite time to visit Yellowstone because all the animals are so active, trying to replenish their depleted reserves from the winter (which was especially harsh this year).

The animals, however, don't look their best in the spring. The bison always look so mangy. But the baby bison are SO cute, we're willing to put up with a little mangy-ness.

If you look closely, you can see that baby's face. Awww!

Speaking of mangy ... someone get this fella a new hairdresser!

Here are the kiddies checking something out ... (sorry, I'm not such a great tour guide. I don't have the specifics.).

A few weeks ago on our way home from Utah, we passed a pair of bison cows and their new calves near West Yellowstone. One mother still had the afterbirth hanging out, which was pretty gross, but still, very cool to see such a new little wobbly baby.
We are so lucky to live so close to Yellowstone -- it's definitely one of our favorite places to visit!