Parenting Ruminations

Today I was running errands with Ruby, just trying to kill time until Henry's preschool let out.

At 10:55 a.m., I felt the need for some nourishment and coincidentally happened to be passing McDonald's. I'm usually not a big fan of Micky Dees but I needed SOMETHING. So Ruby and I made a quick stop through the drive-thru, ordered a medium Diet Coke (it's slowly sounding more appealing to me -- I'm comin' back to my old self!) and cinnamon roll (mmmm) and as we're pulling out, I heard it ... a little voice from the back seat saying,

"I wanna fench fie!"

How is it that my not even two year-old daughter has gotten so accustomed to drive-thrus and their evil purpose? How is it that there are some people in this world who only feed their children organic foods and then there are others, who shall remain nameless, whose 22 month old kids recognize drive thrus and beg for french fries?

Look at them! They're darling!

I seriously started wondering today, am I failing them? I don't mean to be all dramatic. I'm not going to draw a juxtaposition between feeding my kids fast food and giving them cigarettes but stilll ... I can't help but wonder ....