A Boy's First Birthday

I can NOT believe it. Seriously. My baby is one.

And if one is to believe my husband, he's my last one. (sigh)

All I can say is that if that's true, we're going out on a very high note.

Here are a few of the highlights from his big day today and a few of the things that I love about my boy.
(Pre-game warm-up with cake batter)

Abram thinks every person is his best friend -- he'll smile for anyone and everyone and will oftentimes dive into other people's arms to be held.

(The official cake)

(His own cake; designed purely for destructive purposes)

Abram is the best baby food eater I've had. In fact, it's getting expensive. How do I get this kid to eat more table food?!?!

(At first he went for the candle. Um ... that's a negative, little man. I've never had a baby really get into their first birthday cake. Will he actually do it?)

Abram's middle name should have been "content." He's quite possibly the happiest, most relaxed baby on the planet (just don't try and slip him a bite of carrots whilst finishing off a jar of Baby Mango Smoothie).

(Testing the waters. Will he go for it?)

Abram is a ham. If anyone so much as looks at him, he starts cracking up and making faces at them. (This can lead to somewhat irreverent behavior at church.)

(I think we might have a winner ...)

(And he's off!)

(And he meant business!)

We are truly grateful for what a blessing Abram has been to our family. He has brought so much joy and happiness to us in one short year that I look forward to a lifetime of happy memories and millions more of his dimpled smiles.

We love our little Baberam!