The Greatest Great Grandma

Our kids have one great grandma, Scott's Grandma Mary. She is perhaps the funniest, spunkiest, most sarcastic one of them all. Have I talked about Grandma Mary before? All you need to know is: she's funny and Scott's family ADORES her. But seriously, how could they not? Just to give you an example of her wit and humor, here's what she said one day as we were getting off the phone:

Me: Okay, tell Grandpa Hal we said hello and we love him.
Gma Mary: If I'm still speaking to him. Good-bye dear.

On one of our many trips to Utah this summer my kids and I drove down to Beaver to spend the day with Grandma Mary and Grandpa Hal. It was a surprise visit so it was really fun to just pull up and see the confused looks on their faces. Of course, Mary was thrilled to finally meet her newest great grandson who is particularly special to her because he was named after her father, Abram (Abe) Murdock, the great Democratic Senator from Beaver, Utah. He was so great, in fact, he had a post office named after him.

Proud Great Grandma Mary and Baby Abe with his very own Beaver, Utah t-shirt.

Great Grandpa Hal was also a big fan of the little guy.

With the lovely Grandma Sharon

Mary couldn't get over Henry either. He handled the repeated hugs, kisses, and cheek pinching very well.

Could this be any sweeter?

And where was Ruby during all the hugs and kisses? Hiding on her Aunt Becca's lap. When I finally made her get close to someone other than Becca or Sharon, this is how she reacted:

(Good thing they love her just the same!)

Of course we couldn't take Baby Abe to Beaver without taking him to his very own post office. How many kids have their own post offices?

I love this last picture. You can see how proud both Mary and Hal are of their family members who came before and the ones carrying the torch on. Mary takes such pride in her father's name and his heritage as well as her own children and their families. She got emotional quite a few times saying, "I can't believe you named him Abe." I'm so thankful to know Mary and that she loves my children.

Isn't it nice when other people love your children too?


Heidi said...

It was so nice to see you, too, at the "camp" (quotes are for Scott, because in my mind we were really roughing it).

I love that Abram's name is so meaningful--he is DARLING!

Sarah said...

What a wonderful post! Abe is adorable, and so lucky that he has his own post office. Your blog is cute!!

Two Ladies and No Baby said...

I'm glad you love my grandparents as much as I do. They are seriously two huge roses amongst a lot of thorny old people. I think my grandma needs a building named after who too, hmmm....what kind of buildling would it be?