Killing Me Softly

Disclaimer: I stole this post title from my sister whose pop culture reference is quite obvious.

Another post about Ruby. I can't help it. The girl is seriously killing me. It's true what people say, "Cuteness has saved a lot of kids." And boy it couldn't be any more true than it is with Ruby. She's a few months shy of turning three but the Terrible Twos are in FULL FORCE.

It's like awful foreshadowing of what her teenage years are going to be like. I simply can't do anything right by her. She wants to do everything for herself, freaks out when she can't, and then freaks out when I help her. And heaven forbid I try and do anything with her hair.
(Mark my words, one day she will look at old photos and say, "How could you let me go out looking like a homeless ragamuffin? Seriously, could you at least have tried to do something with my hair?" When she asks this, I will stare at her long and hard and then walk away. It's probably best that way.)

One day when I did manage to get pigs in her hair, she cried for over an hour, and walked around almost the whole day with her shoulders hunched like this:

She is a drama queen. Even worse, she's a paranoid drama queen. The other day while making dinner and holding Abram, I told Ruby she couldn't have another snack and she absolutely lost it. All of the sudden she yells, "IT'S! NOT! FUNNY! ABRAM!" I look down to see him just smiling and kicking his chubby little legs at her. Poor little lamb, so misunderstood.

When we were in Utah a few weeks ago we went to Lagoon with all of my siblings and their spouses (with the exception of my brother Spencer). Our group was HUGE! Of course we had to get the token pic of all the cousins together and you know how most kids have no concept of personal space? It's like they can't get close enough to each other? Well, which one of these kids is not like the other?

(Ava, Ellie, Abram, Henry, Max, Paige, Olivia, Brooke, Gabi, Ian, Christian, Ezra, Taylor, Cameron,
Kate, and ... oh wait, could that last little girl be Ruby? That's odd.)

Ruby has this thing about getting too close to other people ... obviously.

Ruby does NOT try new things. Henry was never a dare devil, per se, but Ruby is ridiculous. Seriously? You won't go on the little boat ride at Lagoon? We should have known this was never going to work...

She's a packrat. One day she was walking around with a nail file, my empty glasses case, her doll, and a toothbrush travel case. I asked her what she was doing and she matter-of-factly responded with, "I'm just carrying this stuff around." Well okay, as long as I know what the game plan is ...

She's still the queen of random accessories. The other day with a perfectly adorable dress she was wearing one cowboy boot on the wrong foot and a Disney princess snow hat. Then today I came outside to find her wearing ...

... Henry's bike helmet ... backwards.

If nothing else, this girl is full of surprises.


Walkers said...

she is funny.
i hope you laugh at her more then you yell at her!... cause i was laughing during that whole post!
I hope, for your sake, that these terrible twos aren't foreseeing the future into her teenage years!

Keep on writing these funny stories down!!!

{i LOVE that she yelled at Abram.. Oliver has been known to yell at Oakley a couple of times in similar situations}

The McCulloughs said...

Little girls are fun huh? SHe actually sounds a lot like Maddie. Maddie is a total pack rat too. I call her a bag lady, since she carries around bags of all sorts, back packs too, with random things in them. She also has random accessories and when we are home, always is wearing the strangest outfits! At least she is pretty good about having her hair done! Hang in there! HOpefully 3 will be better than 2! She is a doll though!

Miss C. said...

That Ruby, I think mikey would call her a pistol!
Gotta love her.