A Message of Hope

I really haven't been on my computer much lately (obviously), but when I do I almost always check out a blog called C jane enjoy it.

Do you guys read her? I'm sure a lot of you do because she's hilarious. And if you're one of her readers, chances are, you read her sister's blog as well, nieniedialogues.com. If so, then you already know that Stephanie and her husband were in a plane crash two weeks ago and were badly burned and still remain in critical condition. Her sister (C jane) is keeping everybody updated on her progress. Over the past weeks, C jane and many other friends have said incredibly inspirational things about tragedy, God's love, and hope. They seem incredible.

The Nielsen Family

Anyway, they have declared today Nie Nie Day and TONS of people are auctioning cool stuff off with all proceeds going to their recovery fund (they estimate their medical bills will be astronomical as both of them will be in the hospital for MONTHS).

So check out C jane's blog. She has a link to other blogs that are hosting auctions (DesignMom has TONS of stuff being auctioned on her blog). I've checked some of them out and I just may have to get into the bidding ... if people don't get all crazy, which I'm sure they will as it's only 11 a.m. and a signed BYU football helmet is already going for $500. Yikes. If, in the end, we all decide we can't afford a $100 hair bow for our daughters, there's a button on C jane's site that is set up to accept donations in Stephanie's behalf.

Happy auction bidding and good deed-doing!


carlston said...

Hi Celia, you don't know me, but I know you through Traci and she always tell me to check out your blog... Anyway, I had to comment here because this family has occupied my thoughts for the last 4 days when I found Stephanie's her blog through something she sells. The whole event has sickened me, made me feel guilty for my blessings, humbled me, delighted me as I see their family pull together, etc. etc. - I'm obviously a mess of emotions!

I hear your a very cool gal and I was disappointed not have met you when we visited Bozeman a few weeks ago. Hopefully next time. Take care!

carlston said...

By the way, have you read seriouslysoblessed.blogspot.com ? It's hilarious as well and where I found Nie's nie's items. C jane cracks me up also - she and her Nie's style are so unique and fun!

Sorry for all the grammar issues and missing words above. The 5 o'clock hour is rough for me.

Mandy said...

Celia, one of my friends in my ward is related to her. I've been checking in on them to see how they are doing. It's so weird that you've heard about it and read their blog. I've never read it until now and I think it is very inspirational, I love how here sister still has a sense of humor about things. They are lucky to have each other and I pray things turn out ok for them.

Jaeson and Traci Repscher said...

I have just spent about 1 1/2 hours reading everything about their story off c jane's blog. I had never checked it out before even though Callie has told me about it before. So, so sad. It makes you realize that you never know when tradegy will strike and change your life. Thank goodness for the gospel that gives us such strength. Strength that can't really come from anywhere else. It also makes me realize I need to relish every moment. Good and Bad.

Wendy said...

So Sad. I can't even imagine.