Say whaa?

So, I'm pregnant. Seems like old news. I am 10 weeks afterall. Woo hoo. A whopping 10 weeks.

Truthfully, I'd like to die. Okay, not die but maybe go to sleep for the next seven months. Wake me up when the babe gets here, okay?

Every week I look forward to my weekly pregnancy email, showing me how big my baby is getting, what is currently on the development forefront, etc. Well, today I open the email, practically praying that they reveal something incredible that will hopefully give me the strength and emotional stability to carry on...

A kumquat.

That's what they give me?!? My baby is the size of a freaking kumquat. Who even knows what a kumquat is? I'm thinking, maybe it's like a mango ... no, sorry, go directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars.

Your kumquat sized baby is about 1 1/4 inch long.

Sweet. A whopping 1 1/4 inch long.

At least my gut isn't sticking out yet ... oh wait.


Jaeson and Traci Repscher said...

You know I ain't lyin' when I say, "I know exactly what you are saying". Large mango sounds about right for me also, and maybe a couple kumquats on the side to go with the mango. Sad state of affairs, Cel. Sad state of affairs!

Rebecca said...

Chin up my little kumquat. Think of all the current help you're getting: Kate sticking beef in Hen's mouth, my mom telling Ruby to get her jammies on! You are barely even a Mom right now. If only I could be around to feed Ruby pickles....those were the days, foot loose and fancy free.
I hope you can make it to my end of summer temple trip, it will be a special day.
Sincerely, Alberto

Heidi said...

Kumquats have their own appeal, I think. I'm not sure what, but cling to that.


ali degraff said...

wow...haven't been here for a while so this is the first I'm hearing about kumquats and such. congratulations!

and for the record...i sponsor your blog...especially if it means 500 dollar gift certificates.

Anonymous said...

Okay, so jealousy enveloped my entire being as I read the comment you left on my blog telling me that you actually hung out with THE DUNCAN SHEIK! I never knew that story and frankly, my life seems drab compared to that!! Well, the music from spring awakening is definitely Duncan, but I do need to warn you, some of it has explicit lyrics. He probably wrote it while in the back of his tour bus smoking that illegal substance you were talking about....

Get better soon!