I'm Becoming ... Her

Here I am,
just minding my own, and suddenly I
notice that I am not quite who I thought
I was. Or maybe, who I wanted to be.

After our walk to pick up the mail the other day, we stopped by the swings for a little mother-children quality time. I gave Ruby a tiny push in her tiny swing and gave Henry a few "underdog" pushes to keep him going for a few minutes and I jumped on my own swing. Suddenly, it happened. Could it be...........?

I got motion sickness!!!

What in the?!?

I was supposed to be the cool mom who goes on roller coasters with her kids, not the dorky one who stands off to the side holding everybody's Skeeball loot. In fact, I'd probably bench one of my own kids from riding The Colossus at Lagoon if it meant I could go partake of the loopdey-loop fun.

But whoa Nelly! Motion Sickness? On swings?

Seriously, I had to keep my eyes focused on something straight ahead to keep from getting dizzy. I got off the swing just to stop myself from embarrassing myself. Ridiculous.


Adrienne said...

Ok, don't be alarmed. I was on a swing too, awhile ago and I felt the same way....I feared the worst as well. But when I was last at Disneyland, I went on Space Mountain and Thunder Mountain and I didn't get sick at all...in fact, i loved them both. BUT, I know my limits. I won't step foot near the Tea Cups, and some of the up and down kiddie rides I go on with Kate (like DUmbo) make me sick. So who knows....don't rule out the Colussus yet....or maybe you should....just resign yourself to holding on to all that Skeeball loot and we'll see you when we get off the ride, all breathless and young at heart! ;)

Celia and Scott said...

Phew! Seriously, it sort of made me upset because I love rollercoasters. I guess this totally cements our plan to come to CA next year -- I have just got to get to the bottom of this motion sickness conundrum. Disneyland, ready or not ... here I -- okay we, me and the kids, because it would be weird if I just came alone, right? Okay, here WE come!

Sara Decker said...

Celia, you are funny just like your sis. I too have experienced the motion sickness on a swing just recently and i was a little concerned myself because i was only a couple of feet off the ground, I was convinced then and there that i was going to be a boring mom. I hope that is not the case! Good to hear from you, our potty training has finally come to the point where he can do all of his business and tell us, he still gets scared once in a while to go #2, but we have crossed the finish line....if you can call it that!!!

ali said...

ok...this is so funny. I say focus on the positive! I mean, you are rather adventurous with your hubby...camping and all! Your every day mom might not be up for that!

Melissa said...

Ha! I laughed out loud at the skeeball loot comment - what a perfect picture you painted. You will never be that mom. If anyone doubts your coolness, just tell em you have a blog!
PS - love the new fall look...