My Big Day

So, I'm 30! I can't say that it feels differently than 29, except maybe now I can't be offended if the teenage bagger at Alberston's calls me "ma'am." I guess that comes with the new territory.

I have to say that Scott stole the show, however. He surprised me by getting a babysitter (even on family night -- how dare we?!?), taking me to a fancy restaurant, and having some of my friends there to greet us! Scott has never done anything this sneaky so I was pleasantly surprised by the festivities. Although a few couples couldn't make it, we had such a great time with Traci and Jaeson, and Rachael and Chad. Thank you for coming you guys and sacrificing your family night. I hope we didn't disrupt the harmony in your home!

Thank you Scotty for gently ushering me into my 30s with an appropriate amount of celebration -- not too much, but not too little (hello, I "immodestly heralded the arrival" of my own birthday, afterall; there must be SOME celebration!).

Fellow partying friends:
Traci and Jaeson

Rachael and Chad

Thanks again everybody!


Jessica said...

Look at you! You are one hot mamma turned 30! Looks like a fun time.

Two Ladies and No Baby said...

Man Cel, you've got more friends than I do. Frick!
I'm gonna go cry in my bed now.

Natalie said...

What a great night! You look gorgeous. Way to turn 30 in style!

harmony said...

Who are you kidding? You've always had a thing for baggers. Need I mention that Scotty used to bag for you when you both worked at Lee's Market. That pic of Scott actually makes him look, how do I say, older? Can I say that to a guy. Not old. Just older. Maybe it's just the pic:) Nice job on the surprise though.

Sharon said...

Cel, I'm glad you had a happy birthday--after all you only turn 30 once, it should be good. Hope Hal isn't working you to death. Let me know if I should slap him for you. Love your m i Law

Spitzer Family said...

Just rub it in that we couldn't make it...ahhh, would've been too much fun! I miss you, I haven't seen you in a whole day now, whatever am I going to do? since we are lame and are not leaving town this week, we have to do some seriously fun stuff!

sickly bunny said...

sorry we couldn't make it, cels. although minneapolis gets arctic winds, those winds travel far from Twin Falls ID or wherever the hell you guys are now. happy #30. i'll be there with you in a few months so wait up!

Jaeson and Traci Repscher said...

Hey Celia,
Thanks for choosing us to celebrate you big 3-0 with you. Or maybe I should thank Scott. Thanks Scott! We are so glad you live in Bozeman. Sure love ya, can't wait to start our next tennis session!