Building A Mystery

People have asked me if Ruby has as much hair as Henry did at this age and I always say, "Well, not quite, but I think it's kind of close."

Boy have I been misleading all those inquiring-minds!

I decided to do the research for myself and get to the bottom of this "mystery" and here's what I discovered:

Here is Ruby today, about 10 minutes ago to be exact:Her hair's pretty good, right? A little on the light and thin side but I think it's still sort of like Henry's was. Let's see a few more examples:

Okay, now that we've examined that specimen, let's see the comparison subject:

Uh-oh. We could be in for a serious upset here.

It's not looking so good for you Ruby.

Well, shucks. Case Closed.


Crazy Mom said...


Wow you are a blogger and I ran across you from Ali's Blog.
How the heck are you? I see you are living in Montana?

Good to find you.

More later,

jessica said...

that is so cute! Isn't it funny how you remember things? Very cute kids though.

Adrienne said...

cels, those pictures crack me up! Hen looks like he was chubbier than Ruby too! And comparing them as babies, they really don't look that much alike. Funny that both of our second kids are much lighter in hair color than our first kids.....even science can't explain it!!

Celia and Scott said...

LOL at "even science can't explain it." I wonder if anyone else loved The Little Rascals as much as we did.