One Year Older and Cuter Too

Yesterday was my baby's second birthday. I'm not going to get into all this "oh how the time flies!" or "it seems like he was born yesterday" because the truth is it seems like he's been here all along. And our "all along" is going on eight years now so it feels like little Baberam has been a part of this crew for YEARS! (And I do mean this in a good way.)

Going with the theme of two, I can't give you only TWO reasons why I love this little rascal (small tangent: a handicapped 20-ish looking kid in the Costco pharmacy line said to me the other day, "Is he yours? Wow, he sure is a cute rascally rabbit." Holy crap, it was funny!), because honestly, look at him...

I could give you TWO THOUSAND and TWO reasons to love him but for brevity's sake I'll just give you a few of my faves:

*He's got awesome hair.

*He loves his mama. Seriously, he'll rest put his cheek next to mine and just sit there, either drinking his milk or watching what's going on around him but he lets me cuddle all up to him and I love it.

*He's very reverent during prayers.

(Sometimes he'll even stop eating his chicken nugget long enough for us to 
say the prayer. But hold on a second, why doesn't the boy have a plate?)

*He's the biggest ham. He knows he's the funniest person in this family. He puts on a show for anyone who comes to the door. And he thinks my friends are HIS friends. (One of his favorite ways to show off for people/his BFFs is running. He'll back up to the front door, wait a second to make sure we're all watching, and then TAKE OFF running as fast he can for the back door. The best part is though, he doesn't run fast. Not at all. In fact, he runs like he weighs 400 lbs. It appears to be a fairly laborious endeavor actually.) 

*Sometimes when he gets tired opening presents, he lays down on them. Exhibit A:

(Little Randy, Christmas 2010)

*He rarely throws tantrums but when he does, he does it for important things (like when I wouldn't let him play with his Geo Trax trains first thing one morning before changing his totally peed out diaper and clothes. I mean, really, where were my priorities that day?).

*He loves his blanket. (I've never had a blanket baby before so this just melts my already weak heart.)

*He's so happy to see me when he wakes up from his nap and of course ... my heart melts.

9) He is a good sharer. With animals and people alike...

10) He takes time out like a man ... except for when he doesn't and then it's actually really sad.

*He LOVES his brother and sister.

*Is it weird that I love that he still can't talk? (The other night at dinner Henry and Ruby said, "Let's count all the words that Abe can say. 'Ow' and 'uh-oh' and 'da-da' and ... Mom, what else CAN he say?") I suspect my love for his lack of speech has something to do with me wanting him to stay small (and small he is--4th percentile to be exact but like I've said before, don't tell my mom because she has this irrational phobia that her daughters and daughters-in-law like it when their kids are tiny, but I digress...).

I could go on forever (and I'm pretty sure you believe me, what with my God-given gab skillzzz) but this last one, him being small and my wanting him to stay small probably has everything to do with the fact that he could be my last one. 

Of course I don't WANT him to be but Scott feels like we should end on a high note, with our sweet little Baberam. But seriously, look at him...

How could you look at that face and not want another one?

So since Scott's a democrat, I think he would truly appreciate this -- I'm calling for a democratic vote. Majority wins. So here goes...

(Just to be clear, you're voting on Scott and I adding another adorable, sweet, purely entertaining kid to our clan.)

All in favor ... say aye.
Any opposed ... keep your opinion to yourself.


Sarah said...

What an adorable post. Happy birthday, little dude!

Just for the record, Paul and I are also having the "one more or not one more" debate, with the two of us taking the same sides as you and Scott. Why is it always the men saying they don't want another one? We're the ones who carry and take care of them! I say go for it. What's the worst that could happen? :)

Kim said...

That'll be an aye for me, and aye for Blair, and yep, Sophie says aye as well! Sorry Scotty boy. You are going down!

Anonymous said...

Aye for me--I NEED more beautiful grandchildren. Scott, you will thank me later--I promise (have I ever lied to you? not counting Santa and the Easter Bunny) Love, MOM

Two Ladies and No Baby said...

Put down two more aye's; one for me and one for Rosa. How could you not want to have another after a boy like Abe? Scott, did you even look at those pictures? Do you even have a heart in that scrawny chest of yours? Do you want to deprive me of favorite Auntdom?! Do it Cel, just do it.

Aunt Kate

Ally Cat said...

Aye! Add another rascally rabbit!

amyorr said...

That curly hair is so adorable! Umm...heck yes you should have another one. Oh, and happy big birthday!

Celia said...

Thanks people, I really like where this is going...

And Sarah, how about my husband walking out? Lol!

Two Ladies and No Baby said...

I have to say Rrrosa and Abe look smashing in this post. I'll take another of each. Cheers to 2 miracles!
-B- loaf

allison said...

OK - someone has to side with Scotty on this one. I feel totally done with two, so good for you for being able to handle more!! I say, "never say never" and I'll leave it at that :).

Heidi said...

Aye for me. AND I'm a fellow Democrat, so my vote should count for two with Scott.

Isn't that the way it works?

Ben and Shara said...

Such cute kids. You should have another if only for the sake of bringing more cuteness to the world.

Anonymous said...

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