The Piano Man

 Guess who started piano lessons?

(Disclaimer: The author of this post, who also happens to be the strict and professional teacher of this 
young lad, does not condone the stick-straight fingers technique demonstrated in this picture.)

Guess who's tickling the ivories like he's been working 10 years at a dueling piano bar in Vegas?

With crazy double-jointed fingers no less (sorry Henry, that was my genetic bad)...

He's my prized pupil...but don't tell any of the my other students (especially Ruby, por favor).


Michelle said...

Those are such cute pictures! I love the last one. He looks so intense.....I've also got crazy double jointed fingers.

Jack and Sausha said...

Those pictures are adorable! Your kids are getting so big. I took piano lessons from my mom for a while. That takes a very patient Mama. My mom only lasted about 6 months before she found me a different teacher. Good luck with that :)


Two Ladies and No Baby said...

What a great looking hat that boy has. I wonder who gave that to him? I wonder how he became such an avid Cubs fan? He must have a super hot aunt who thinks instilling America's favorite pastime into him was of some importance. As for the piano, good luck Hen.

Aunt #1

Heidi said...

Courtney has crazy double jointed fingers, too. Rhett is kind of creeped out by them.

I won't tell him about yours.