I'm BaaaaaAAAACK!

Umm ... hello? 

I hesitate to even ask but ... is anyone still out there? 

If you ARE still around ... GOOD NEWS! My super creative friend Halsey is having a giveaway on her cute blog Spunky Junky for my jane henry hats! 

I guess it's true -- good things come to those who wait!!!

So get over there and win yourself a hat!!! 

Just a little FYI -- Halsey makes and sells super cute headbands, modeled here by my Ruby girl. Check out all her adorable stuff here!


Michelle said...

you're in my google reader, so if you blog, I'll know about it! Such cute head bands, and of course your hats!

NatureGirl said...

So glad...we have missed the little glimpses into your brand of crazy...