First Days

So it's been three months since my last post and two months since this event actually occurred ... but whatever.

Although I failed to blog about my kids' first day at school in a timely fashion, I did NOT fail to take pictures of the blessed event.

I still can't believe I have a kindergartner ... so bizarre:

What the? How can he look so grown up one minute ...

... but only 15 minutes later look so small?

It was seriously mad chaos that morning. Kids and parents everywhere, crying, clinging to one another. Am I an insensitive mother if I didn't cry? I mean, I thought I would. I even tried to get a little verklempt, feeling like it was an appropriate response to one's oldest "leaving the nest." But after about twenty seconds, I realized I was perfectly okay with it. I guess because he was okay with it.

A few days later, we got to experience Ruby's first day of preschool. She's always been our more "reserved" child so I wasn't quite sure how she would respond. Luckily, she's going to the preschool where Henry went so it only took us two years to warm her up to the idea.

 She sure was excited about being the main figure behind the lens. It was {FINALLY} her big day!

Roughing up her little brother one last time ...
Yes, that is a plastic croissant in his mouth. Don't ask ....

Look at my little people. Aren't they adorable?

I couldn't help but feel an overwhelming sense of nostalgia as I took this picture. Two years ago, Ruby was the little one on the right, clutching all her precious crap she couldn't leave home without, while Henry was ready to venture off and blaze his own preschool trail.  


Anyhoo, here's my little lady making her way in the big, wide world (with the prerequisite ginormous backpack):

That's odd. I'm suddenly feeling a little verklempt.


amyorr said...

I know huh! Having a kindergartner. I didn't cry either so I guess we can be insensitive together:)
How are things in B-town? Still miss it there. It's been a year and I don't think I've completely let go.

Two Ladies and No Baby said...

Uh, pretty sure I could fit in that backpack of hers. That thing is HUGE! You have very cute little people, maybe you'll move here in time for Hen to be in my 2nd grade class. HE would be my prized pupil!
-Beck Beck

Michelle said...

such a cute post! Your kids are adorable! Did your oldest start Kindergarten? He looked so handsome on his first day!