A Very Happy Un-Birthday To Me!

Today my cute friends came sneaking into my room at 7:15 a.m. and I awoke to the sounds of the clicks of their camera and giggles.

Apparently, they had decided today would be my un-birthday as I will be out of town for the actual day (which is March 3rd, just so you know and can be prepared. Ha!)

So they pulled me out of bed (they had given Scott the heads-up and he had slipped upstairs to sleep with Henry sometime during the night and of course I didn't notice because I'm not what you call a "light sleeper") and kidnapped me away to breakfast. They were, however, courteous enough to let me put on some clothes and mascara. My un-birthday also happened to be somewhat un-lucky for them because today was a hair washing day and they got to see the madness that is my hair on the morning of hair-washing day. Oh well. Sorry ladies!

You don't bring me flowers ... anymore ... (remember that song?) ... oh wait! My friends DO bring me flowers! Two dozen roses, to be exact. I love roses. They're one of my favorite flowers. Is it cliche to love roses? Well, then I'm cliche. I've always loved roses. And I heart my friends for bringing them to me.

Here we are at breakfast at a Bozeman breakfast hotspot, the Cat Eye Cafe: Traci, Ruth, Me, and Rachael (plus in-utero Ellis -- she was the only wee one allowed to come. We love wee ones. But not at 7:30 a.m. at the Cat Eye Cafe). We stuffed ourselves full of Banana Bread French Toast, Creamy Berry Croissant French Toast, and Eggs Benedict. Oh man, was it good.

And they presented me with a darling gift -- a beautiful handmade skirt from a swanky boutique on main street. I love swanky boutiques. Bozeman has a plethora of swanky boutiques. I love that my friends love swanky boutiques.

I don't think I've ever been surprised for my birthday ever -- obviously, these girls are masters of sneaking trickery. I'm thankful for such great friends I've been blessed with here in Bozeman.

I had so much fun so thanks again ladies!


Jaeson and Traci Repscher said...

I speak for all of us, since I am the only one of us that will be reading this blog! (you know what I mean, the other two not being bloggers and all). It was all our pleasure, seriously, and actually totally worth setting our alarms for 6:20 on a non-school day (even though I pushed snooze 3 times). To see you so surprized and kindof out of it not knowing who was pulling the covers off your head, snaping photos and where your husband was and putting it all together, was so classic. Loved it, and we love you and the whitty spunkiness you bring to our group of friends! Thanks for being up to a party so early in the morning, you know us we are always up for a party! Happy, Happy early birthday!

harmony said...

I'm so glad you have found such great friends there and so quickly. Just a heads up...I probably won't be driving up there on your birthday to go to breakfast. But I will give you the yearly birthday call like always. Are you going to be in Utah over the weekend? I'll be at my parents. Let me know.

Dixons said...

Cel, Happy early birthday, since I'll definitely forget! Hey, a good friend of mine is moving to Bozeman next week. He and his wife just got married. He's an Aggie, too! Jake Stevens, did you know him?. Anyway, what ward are you guys in?

Heidi said...

Oh, you're so lucky. I'm lucky if Rhett remembers my birthday, much less anyone else.

And Rhett's not the surprising type. Darn. Happy birthday, Cels. I'm working on that tag, I just have problems. . .

Wendy said...

Cute idea. Maybe I should rip off your ideas. What are you going to do to thank them? Heart attack, them?