My Little Goofball

Henry has really been on one lately. Every day I seem to laugh pretty hard at what he says. And maybe you just have to know him to find these things funny but here goes anyway:

The other day I left him and Ruby in the car while I ran up to the door of a girlfriend's house to drop something off. One minute later when I came back, Henry said, "Mama, don't leave us in the car because Rubying started frying so then I started frying." Frying, of course, is crying in Henry-ese.

Today he said something really funny and I said, "Henny, you are so cute." He looked at me, smiled demurely, shrugged his shoulders matter-of-factly, and said, "Yeah, I am cute ... cute like Ruby." Awww ... he melts my heart.

Yesterday morning I was working on the computer and he wanted to get on (his new addiction is the Teletubbies on pbskids.org). I said, "Hold on bud, you can get on in a minute after I'm done working." In the whiniest voice possible, he responded, "But ... but ... I have to work on the Teletubbies!"

And finally, today I had beads spread out all over my kitchen table (my friend, Traci, came over and taught me how to make bracelets and necklaces). After a few minutes of taking a break, Henry said, "Come on Mama, let's go tie some beads." So we sat down together and I was really struggling with getting my "floss" to stay knotted (Traci -- I know I'm craft impaired, but seriously!?! How hard is it to tie a knot?!) and I said, "Dang it! I just can't get this to work!" And without looking up from his bead work, he said, "Well ... I can't help you with that."

Seriously, some days Henry just makes my heart hurt -- I can't get enough of him. It's like I'm lonely for him even when he's sitting right next to me.


Anonymous said...

Dear Hen-
I miss you already. Please say funny things when I see you.
Treggi Neffi (B Loaf)

Hey ask your Dad about Treggi Neffi

Jaeson and Traci Repscher said...

I know you are a crafty gal just waiting to spread your crafty wings and take flight. I'm going to bring that out in you, because, your right. Tying a knot is not that hard. I won't tell all who read your blog that after I showed you how to tie a knot, you called me at home twice to try and figure it out ;). When you get back from Utah, I will come over and we can spend hours tying knots. Sound like fun? See you soon.

Two Ladies and No Baby said...

How'd you get to be so scrappy? (Aunt Kate)
How'd you get to be so cute? (Aunt Kate)
How'd you get to be so awesome? (Aunt Kate)
How'd you get to be so spunky? (Aunt Kate)
How'd you get to be so funny? (Mama)

(See Cel, I'm not leaving you out.)

Favorite Aunt Kate

Jaime said...

Awww he is so cute! :) And yay for jewelry making!

raina said...

hey celia! how are you? haven't seen you since the ol' 10 year reunion! your children are beautiful and sound like little characters! love it. glad to have found you!