Inhabitants of the Frozen Tundra

This is what it's like for us.

The highest our thermometer got today was -1.

Currently, we're at a balmy -15, with a wind chill factor making it feel like -33.

We bravely ventured out to Target today and our Yaks barely made it.

I think this unbelievably freezing MLK Day was more of a Genghis Kahn type of day for me and mine.


Lady said...

Dear Celia-
You know what I heart? You updating your blog regularly. Thank you, I check blogs during recess while I sit back and take long sips of D.P. it's so much better when blogs are updated.

So I guess I'll see you in July when I can brave the Bozeman weather. K see ya


Jaeson and Traci Repscher said...

Well, you know I feel your pain. It is quite an Artic Cold Front (and I don't like it one bit). I have had to brave the cold a little these past two days as I have been trying to get my visiting teaching done. This morning at 9:00 a.m. at Tamara Norton's house, my boot actually froze to her metal doorway strip on my way out of her house. It took a couple seconds and some muscle to pull it free! These are the kind of days you want to sit by a fire and learn how to knit, right?! Let me know when you are free. See ya, Traci