Bath Time Shenanigans

I'm lucky. Scott takes care of the kids' baths around here. I feel especially lucky after having a rough day with the kids. Today was one of those days.

This picture may look like a normal, fun, brotherly-love type bath experience. But oh no, today was different, my friends.

Tonight, Scott took Henry and Ruby upstairs for their bath while I cleaned up the kitchen after dinner. While Scott was changing Ruby's diaper, I heard Henry rushing around trying to get his clothes off so he could be first in the tub. About 67 seconds into the process, I heard a totally appalled and exasperated Scott say, "HENRY! Guh-ross! How would you like it if I put my bare bum on your head?!?" Poor Ruby, she's always the butt of Henry's jokes (pun intended, of course).

I couldn't help it. I just bust up laughing. Now, that was funny -- funny because Scott's "Guh-ross" totally had an unintentional Napoleon Dynamite quality to it but mostly funny because it happened on Scott's watch and not mine. Obnoxious things are so much funnier when they happen to other people, aren't they? (Especially after the day I had with Henry and his crazy antics.)

Oh Henry. (sigh)

Most days I feel like, "Can't live with him, can't live without him" was never a true statement until Henry came along.

Case in point, his harassment of poor sweet Ruby:


ali degraff said...

Is it weird that I daydream about my two children bathing together? There is just something so precious about the family bath. I still remember the day my mom told me I was getting "too old" to bathe with my brothers. I shed a single tear.

Heidi said...

What? You can be too old to bathe with your brothers?

Oh. Well. That explains A LOT about my family.

I love bath time shenanigans, too, and for the same reason--Rhett does the baths around here, so it's not my fault! I just laugh and laugh while Rhett gets more and more frustrated.

Natalie said...

I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one that opts to do the dishes, intead of bathing the children. I was feeling a bit guilty that I'd rather do the dishes than be with my darling offspring. Hey- the dishes never looked so good! Thanks for the funny story. Can your kids come over sometime? They seem hilarious!

Ben and Shara said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one to have days where you want to sell them back at the drug store where you picked them up at. Great story.

Celia and Scott said...

I think we all love to do the dishes at night when it means we get time to ourselves! Seriously, hasn't the life of a girl totally changed when doing dishes alone is your idea of a good time? These times, doing almost anything alone can be relaxing -- even letting a dentist tinker around in my mouth. At least no one's crying and hanging on my pant leg!

sharon said...

Hal didn't do the baths at night so it was never pleasant because by that time I was tired like you. Scott and Cody used to see how much water they could get out of the tub and into other various parts of the room. Rebecca and Kate were really not a problem at tub time as long as Kate had a ninja turtle or two that she could swim with. Ah the joys of motherhood!