Some Sweet Swag

So I'll admit it, I'm a blog stalker -- loitering and nosing around through random strangers' blogs (are you proud of what you've done to me Adrienne?). I don't know what happens ... I click on Adrienne's blog, then on one of her friends, and then one of her friends, then on one of her friend's favorite blogs and suddenly I'm reading about some "Pioneer Woman in Texas" (which actually is a very good blog, if you have time. Thanks Ali!).

Anyhoo, I did benefit from my blog stalking this past week though and I'm forwarding the benefit on to you (perhaps you've already heard of these sweet deals).

First, have you heard of
Dale & Thomas Popcorn? Apparently they were one of Oprah's favorite things and now they're all huge but the COOL part is, they're giving away free* popcorn.

(*=you have to pay for shipping, which is something like $6 which seemed like a rip-off because it took over a week to get here but it turned out to be well worth it because .... well, read on....)

So we got the popcorn tonight and it was delish! It seriously tasted like a super-fattening dessert crammed into a little puff of popped corn -- very tasty. So check it out if you feel like a little free* popcorn.

And the next item of business is e.l.f.

I don't know that I'd really even heard of it but apparently it's been in a bunch of magazines (including "O" -- pssh, like Oprah wears $1 lipstick) but I guess it's actually pretty good. Maybe you've all been wearing it for years and I'm just catching on or maybe the $15 I just spent ordering this stuff is going to go down the tubes when I realize it's only pretend makeup, or excuse me, the more "PC" term, "cosmetics."

Point is, most of their stuff is only $1 and they're having a 50% off sale right now which means that you can get most of their stuff for 50 cents! The one catch is, the sale is good for orders totaling $15 or less but it's still worth checking out in my opinion. So go shop your brains out.

I almost forgot, the coupon code is: CAROLINA.

Happy shopping.


Melissa said...

THank you thank you thank you! I love popcorn and am going to try that stuff.
and elf rules. I have some of their lipgloss that I grabbed in NYC to test it out and love it. So after the popcorn site I am headed to elf. You are so informative!

Celia and Scott said...

Thank you. Thank you. I do what I can.