I love Fall (not falling DOWN, but the season)

We spent a glorious General Conference weekend last weekend in Yellowstone Park and then at the cabin. I love the cabin. How could you not when it looks like this?
Watching the wildlife

Overlook of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

Watching two "unique" sisters gazing at the waterfall in an inappropriate embrace
(Is it mere coincidence that Kate asked me this weekend if I thought they were weird?)

Enjoying the overlook with my original baby
Watching Old Faithful (which, by the way, is becoming less and less faithful. What is happening to this world when even Old Faithful starts letting us down?! First the economy and now the geyser!)
Helping Grampy Hal stain the deck
(Henry and his Grandpa call each other "Good Helper Guys." Henry becomes Hal's shadow whenever there is work to be done around the cabin.)
Enjoying Disney's pure digital magic inside while it rains outside
Just melting my heart, chapped lips and all

Unbelievable Fall colors
(I told Scott on the beautiful drive home that the colors of Fall prove God's existence. If it were up to simple nature and evolution, the leaves would just turn brown, die, and fall off. But of course God could do much better than that. I'm so grateful that God thought of making our Earth more beautiful, even when things have to die.)

Exhibit A

Exhibit B
Exhibit C


Anonymous said...

Thanks for documenting that inappropriate pic of Kate and I. We love each other....so what. I miss the cabin already, I think we should winter there how do you feel about that? It would almost be like hibernation...only better.

Kim said...

I'm with you Cels! The fall leaves completely amaze me! I can't get enough of them right now. We hiked up Mill Creek canyon a couple weeks ago and it was so gorgeous! I don't want it to end.

Mandy said...

There is nothing better than fall! I loved the great pictures.

Spitzer Family said...

Oh, so that's what fall is supposed to look like?!?!! I am still stuck in summer-when will these 90 degree days end? First South Carolina and then San Diego. I guess I better get used to it-El Paso! I just noticed your floating baby said you had like 156 days left-wow that is going by fast! (for me)

Two Ladies and No Baby said...

Cel, that picture is embarrassing. You weren't supposed to document that on camera. Further, you weren't supposed to post in on the internet. Rude. Now people are going to think we are "actually" lesbens. That doesn't help our man hunt Cel, or our Quest, if you will. Also, you're welcome for that awesome pic of Ruby, I'll bill you. K see ya, love ya, bye.
Ka Ka

Cory, Jenna and Calvin Broadbent said...

Wow. You live in such a beautiful place. Phoenix is a barren wasteland.

Congrats on the boy!!!