Much Ado about Christmas

I've been trying to be a good girl by de-Christmasing my house before sitting down at my computer and piddling my time away.

Alas, tonight we finally cleaned up our Christmas crap so ... YAY! I can blog now!

Besides having to drive on terrible, snowy, winter roads all the way down to Utah (and part of the way back), we had an excellent Christmas. I'll spare you the painful details (because my sister, Adrienne, says I give WAY too much background info when telling a "short story") and let our pictures paint their thousand-word stories (that's probably a few more words than I would even say about each picture so it looks like I get to have my cake and eat it too on this one).

Here are some of our highlights:

FINALLY! getting Ruby to calm herself down enough to get a good Christmas picture in front of my Mom's tree (why does it seem like Moms always have the best trees?):

The new bulldog puppy my parents got for Christmas. Seriously, is there anything cuter than a bulldog pup? Seriously? Seriously!

Scott's grandparents, Hal and Mary, reveling in the heartfelt gift he gave them. Grandma Mary was getting "weepy" in this pic. I love Grandma Mary. She cries at almost every gift she gets. This year, I think she cried when Kate gave her hand soap -- she thought it was so thoughtful that Kate remembered how much she loved soap!

We went to the cabin the day after Christmas. I triple-dog dare you all to find a more comfy, relaxing, enjoyable place than the Christensen Cabin. Is there anything more beautiful than snow? Yes. Only one thing -- a mountain cabin covered in snow. Okay, one other thing -- my babies playing in the snow in front of the mountain cabin covered in snow.

Howdy Partner. Henry playing dress-up with "Frampy" Hal's 32-gallon hat:

I got a new camera for Christmas so here's me experimenting with Henry and Ruby as my beautiful subjects. Don't judge my photog skills because I don't really have any. I always wanted to but was never able to take any photography classes in school because my electives were always taken up by other exciting, cool, popularity-enhancing classes like orchestra, choir, French, etc. (Remember how Adrienne says I give too much background info? I have no idea what she's talking about.)

Ruby contemplating the meaning of her existence:

My little sledders:

Tau, the Sled Dog, digging for mice in three feet of snow (go, Boy, go!):

Henry summiting Mt. Everest (aka, the big mound of snow-plowed snow right down the hill from the cabin, right after making his first snow angel EVER!):

Mother and Son Snow Angels (mine's the one on the right, just to dispel any possible confusion):

Look at all that snow! I absolutely LOVE going to the cabin in the winter.

Anyway, it was fun but I'm so glad it's over. Both Christmas AND this post. I've been sitting here for two hours (my computer is so old it takes it FOREVER to upload the higher resolution pics from my new camera. Hmm...old computer? Where were you on that one Santa?)


Adrienne said...

Cels, I only tell it like it is. :) What a fun post--looks like you guys had such a fun time! You look so great in that picture of you and Ruby--very thin, and your hair look so shiny.

I thought the camera work AND all the details were very entertaining!

Rebecca said...

Dear Cel-
I heart you because you look very thin and you have shiny hair. I also heart you because you let me call you and vent my teenage dramas (oh wait I'm 22). I also heart you because you forget Hen's nap sometimes. I also heart you because.....Hen runs around the basement of the cabin in his jammies alone, when he's supposed be in bed, and then Cody rats him out. I also heart you because you don't lay down for ten minutes after you fall off the tube.

I just wanted to add to Adrienne's self-esteem booster post.
Sincerely, One note whistler

Celia and Scott said...

Oh, you two are too good to me.

I take most pride in my ability to spring right back up from eating it off the tube. I'm such an awesome tuber, if I don't say so myself (especially my super graceful "mounting of the tube," right ladies?).

Jaeson and Traci Repscher said...

Oh my goodness, this is the cutest blog I have read all night (and I have been here for awhile). (Only because Amazing Race only recorded for a half hour and not the whole hour, so I have a little extra time not alotted anywhere else. Seriously?) Anyway cute pics. I'm glad your computer decided to start uploading them. Will you come help your poor pitiful friend get a background as cute as this? I'll swap you and teach you how to knit! Sound good?

Natalie said...

I love your blog! I look forward to reading it whenever I get online. Love your new camera. What kind did you get? I'm hoping to get a new one soon. I LOVE the one of Henry looking out the window. Photography Contest Winner!