Santa's "Man Bag"

We have this Santa sitting in the window above our kitchen table.

Today at lunch we were having a little talk with Henry about "avoiding" bad behavior (which is a common occurrence at our house these days). And of course, it seemed we weren't making any headway when suddenly this brilliant thought came to me, "With Christmas looming, we should be milking Santa's influence for all its worth!" So I started singing (and I have a bit of a cold so my voice was super low; I'm talking the G below Bass C low - I went and checked it afterwards on my piano -- that's 10 notes below Middle C people!!!)...

"You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout I'm telling you why...."

And you know the rest. Henry was loving it. He was soaking in all the words, smiling, giggling, totally into the "message." So I give him the re-cap, "That means you have to try to be a good boy so Santa will bring you your presents, okay?"

Suddenly, he's staring up at Santa with a confused look on his face and he says, "But ... but Santa Fraws don't have a purse!"


Sara Decker said...

Well since Adrienne hasn't blogged in FOREVER I am just branching out and reading her sisters blog...hope that is ok. I totally hear you about milking the Santa influence, but I can already tell it is going to get old telling Bennett 100 times a day that he better be good or Santa won't be visiting our house!!! Then what happens when he is bad all month (let's face it, he is going to be) and then he will still get gifts and then he will think that he was good...this might backfire!

Heidi said...

Yeah, what's up with you showing him a cross-dressing, purse-carrying version of Santa? Poor little Hen.

Adrienne said...

LOL Cels! Thank heavens for speech impediments with kids, because it makes their funny comments like a million times funnier!

Also, I laughed at Sara's comment above...specifically the line "Then what happens when he's bad all month (and let's face it-he's going to be)." That is hilarious, but so true! I haven't used the Santa threat on Kate yet....let me know if it works with Henny.

Dixons said...

I loved your story! So funny. Kids say the best things. Anyway,since I'm an amateur blogger, I have no idea ho to get a cute, festive background. Where do you find them? Help! ;)