Aunt K-Did, Geetlyn, Bun-Bun, or Kate

Okay, we're finally feeling better. Sorry for leaving such a sad and pathetic picture of Ruby up for so long. I was unaware that seeing my suffering child was so hard for you to see Becca. :) I'm so sorry that this post is so long overdue. Anyhoo...on with the show!

So a few weeks ago Henry got a phone call from one of his favs, Aunt Kate. And this was my interpretation of that conversation:

Oh hey! It's my Aunt Kate. I love my Aunt Kate!

As a matter of fact, I DID just have a birthday! I'm this many.

[My mom's probably so jealous over there, watching me just take care of business on the phone. She's probably thinking I'm the smartest kid alive, workin' the deals at such a young age. She's probably already mentally filling out my application to Harvard.]

Wait. Who is this?

Man, girls sure can talk.

I wonder how long I have to wait before I can just hang up.


Two Ladies and No Baby said...

Hey I'm bun bun little missy. Could you please get her nicknames right. There are so many choices: Gat, Gatlyn, Gattie, Gats, Keke, Keeklyn, KK Mommalay, Cookie, Cindarelly, Sinsiwhatskibrat, K, Keek, Katelyn Cinda Marie Gonzolas Ortega Fuentes Christensen. Wow that is ridiculous.

Celia and Scott said...

Geesh! I was going to do a post about all the nicknames your family has for each other and others and that just proves my point! You guys are out of control.

Two Ladies and No Baby said...

My dearest Celia,
Oh how I enjoy this post. I think it's probably your best one yet. Look how much Hen loves me. And boy do I love him too. I feel so special. You've really out done yourself on this one. I might have to re-think some things here pretty quick. You may have just won the favorite title.
-Favorite Aunt Kate

Cody and Nikell said...

That's funny. He sure is patient!

Ben and Shara said...

The pictures tell such a great story.

I love it when they act older than they really are. My son just started slipping the word "way cool" into any sentence he can fit it into.

good laugh

Heidi said...

Cute Henry! He looks absolutely hilarious in the last one . . .

By the way, WHY DIDN'T A INVITE ME TO HER BLOG? I'M TOTALLY OFFENDED! (I chose to do caps because I'm dramatic and yelling on the inside.)