What I (re)Discovered Over Christmas

I learned/was reminded of a few things over our Christmas break in Utah. Here they are, in no particular order:

#1: Scott and I are still amateur parents. We forgot BOTH our cameras and did not get ANY pictures with my side of the family. So no, we don't love his family more, they're just a more "camera prone" group so the only pics we have from the holidays are from them. Thank you Becca and Kate.

#2: Ruby needs help with her "sassy" pose

#3: Scott and his sister, Kate, are weird

#4: Kate and their other sister, Becca, are weirder

#5: My kids have WONDERFUL grandparents

#6: If it's even possible, Abe looks even cuter wrapped up in Christmas ribbons

#7: Apparently frozen fingers don't have to be the result of scraping your car windows in subzero Montana winters after all!

#8: We have the best time at the cabin when the whole Christensen clan is together, which doesn't happen often

#9: My kids LOVE their Christensen cousins (as well as their Smith-side cousins, but again, no camera ... we're idiots, I know, we've established that)

#10: Scott's brother, Cody, and his wife, Nikell, are masters of Gingerbread House Decorating Trickery

#11: My kids LOVE their Aunt Becca and Aunt Kate

#12: Hen's a quick study on cross-country skis

#13: Ruby makes an adorable ski bunny

#14: Abram is quite possibly the cutest, happiest baby ever

#15: And he LOVES being outside in the snow

#16: He's so cute, I have to post another shot ... I just can't help myself

#17: I love to see my kids together. Seriously, look at them. Can you even stand it?

Neither can I.


Malerie said...

ummm i think that Noah is a mini Cody in that cousin shot. i loved it.
super cute post! i think i'm going to be contacting you via Etsy, to order a couple of hats!! :)

Miss C. said...

Yo I am not weird, I'm awesome. Also, Cody looks a little fragile X like in our family photo.
Love, Turkey Gizzard

Kate said...

Weird is more fun than normal I've always said. Man, those pictures of Abe melt my already weak heart.
Love, Ruby's Biotch

Dixons said...

Ok, your kids are adorable. Those chunky cheeks are to die for! Little Ruby looks so different in each picture--what a cutie. All of them are way too cute.